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The Sea in History

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Client: The Boydell Press/Océanides

Completed: 2017

Specifications: Royal 8vo, 848pp and 1086pp

Work carried out: page make-up

Contract typesetting wouldn’t normally be something to feature here, but this maritime history project was distinguished by its sheer extent. BBR produced two of the four volumes in the set, first vol.4, The Modern World (848pp), and then vol.2, The Medieval World (1086pp), working with a supplied template and using Gentium for its non-Latin support.

Notable also was Boydell’s publishing partnership with Océanides, which meant that nearly half the material was in French, requiring attention to the variant forms and conventions of punctuation and citation.

The four covers of The Sea in History
Sample spread from The Sea in History
Sample spread from The Sea in History